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October 31, 2020

Company History

Started in 1987 as 'Clean Image' a mobile detailing service, within three years the company became a static operation based in Navigation Road Chelmsford where we expanded into smart repairs and other special services.

In 2008 we changed our name to 'New Again' to better reflect the business brand and operations, which is to 'Make Cars Like New Again' and in 2013, again due to the success and the development of the business, we moved in our current HQ in New Street, Chelmsford allowing us to offer more specialised and tailored solutions to Individuals and businesses.


What we do - "We make cars like new again!"

Yes, we do 'automotive detailing' and 'smart repair', and that's often what our customers looking for. But we prefer to ask them, "What are you trying to achieve?"

Some people are selling a car and want it looking nice so they can get more money for it. Some people have just bought a car and want to tidy it up. Other people have a leased car they are returning to the lease company and others were thinking of getting a new car but on balanced decided that they want to keep their car another few years.

We take an overview of their car and recommend ways to restore their car to something closer to the way it was when they bought it so they can re-experience that new car feeling. 

We can arrange bodyshop repairs, smart repairs, leather connollising, convertible roof restoration, paintwork correction and once we have your car looking like new again, we have a range of protective coatings to help you to keep it looking that way.

In addition to 'modern car restoration' we provide a range of specialist services, often working with insurance companies which include odour removal, accident clean-ups, water and smoke damage, as well as various inspections.

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